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With our own hands

Everything here is very much our own. The grapes are ours. The vineyards too. And with our own hands, we tend the vines, sell and make our wines. Passionately.

We are very much from here. From Lapuebla de Labarca

Our roots are as deep as those of our varieties, or more so. Our ancestors were born here and began making wine here. We care about our wine because doing so creates prosperity for our people, for the Alavesa Rioja region and for the Basque Country, creating wealth, employment and opportunity.

Making wine is very important, especially the particular way you make it

“Zaindu maite duzun hori” means in Basque, “take care of what you love.” We love our land and feel responsible for preserving our fields and vineyards. As we grow our vines and make wine, we take care of the countryside and the environment.