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Covila Reopening

At Bodegas Covila we have been on the ball throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, despite all the difficulties. We have continued our business by making wine and giving our customers around the world the service they have come to expect from us. Now, it’s your turn. All the bars and restaurants that are an essential part of our society, culture and way of life. And you’ve got to go for every opportunity.

That’s why we at Bodegas Covila want to move forward with you in this situation, as you are an essential pillar of our winery. And we aren’t paying mere lip service. We’re going to donate 10,000 bottles of wine to our hospitality clients as a show of support and also a thank you for your bravery. After all, wine is what we know how best to do.

Moreover, we haven’t picked some random wine. These are screw-top wine bottles. Why did we choose them? That’s easy, because we feel that they will best help the hotel industry comply with the new hygiene measures. This type of closure guarantees complete preservation of the product, allows for easy opening without the need for a corkscrew or other additional utensils, and facilitates both closure and preservation, avoiding contact with the inside of the bottle and the wine service areas.

We’re not asking for anything in exchange for these bottles of wine we’re giving you. If anything, please keep opening up your business every day with the same passion and joy, despite the difficulties. We know this is a modest contribution, but hopefully it will help you out and we can soon celebrate and propose a toast in all your bars and restaurants just like we used to do.